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May’s Monthly Update

Well, almost nothing has happened in the past month (due to “real life” stuff), so this will be a very short post. As for what’s new in Sylverant:

  • Added a command to send the friendlist, including friend status, to the client. This required changes in shipgate and ship_server, for obvious reasons.
  • Added a global message command for global GMs that goes to all ships.

That’s actually everything that’s changed in the code (up to r423 in the SVN). Other than that, I did a badly needed update pass on the software running on the server, so everything’s relatively up-to-date there. Hopefully there’ll be a little bit more new in next month’s update, as the semester is winding down for me at school.

3 Responses to “May’s Monthly Update”

  1. Danny says:

    Nice !

  2. Maturion says:

    Oh yes! BlueCrab, thanks for all the hard work you put into Sylverant. 🙂

  3. Fallout says:

    Thanks. Now we need more players

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