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Archive for June, 2011

Happy World IPv6 Day!

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

So, as you may know today, June 8, 2011 is World IPv6 Day. A while back, I had posted that this site itself was accessible over IPv6. I also said in that same post that I was toying with the idea of allowing the shipgate to accept connections for ships over IPv6. Well, in honor of World IPv6 Day, I did just that early this morning. In fact, Iselia has been running this way pretty much since then (Altimira is not, just in case there were any issues that happened to come up). Like I said when I last talked about IPv6, this is limited to the ship to/from shipgate communications, as PSO itself does not support IPv6.

I guess I’ll use the rest of this post for the monthly update now… Here’s what was done since the last monthly update:

  • Fix the message displayed if someone tries to display their friendlist at an unsupported offset.
  • Fix a problem where if someone disconnects while bursting, the game would be screwed up.
  • Detect duplicate percentages on weapons as non-legit.
  • Workaround for a stupid PSOPC (maybe PSODC too) bug with shields and generating invalid EVP/DFP numbers (a modification of the legits.xml file).
  • Initial work on allowing some actions in the ship server to be scriptable in Python.
  • Allow a quest to be tied to multiple events, and allow quests to specify a min/max number of players to allow in the quest.
  • Allow the legits list to be refreshed while the ship is running.
  • Add a /logout command.
  • Fix an issue where the ship server would silently exit if someone disconnected improperly (and some other conditions also happened).
  • Store user options in the shipgate database (currently only the quest language).
  • Removed the ability to run multiple ships in the same instance of the ship server (unused and probably very broken by now).
  • Add IPv6 support for ship to/from shipgate communications.
  • Cleanups and fixes for a few segfaults.

So, a bit more productive than the past few months have been. As of right now, the SVN is up to r458.


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