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  1. Fuyutsuki - 260629
  2. ShinobiWan1 - 75531
  3. Nyte - 57807
  4. Aleron Ives - 55362
  5. Gen6Gamer - 34447
  6. Infamousrose - 31864
  7. enfilade - 28465
  8. chaoskaiser72 - 23267
  9. Martin - 19809
  10. No1Dopechampion - 18073

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Sylverant Features


Sylverant offers different ships to cater to players with different tastes. The ships are:

  • Iselia: The official ship of Sylverant, Iselia features standard Sega quests for players who want the original PSO experience. Homebrew quests and quests ported from Blue Burst are clearly labeled as such.
  • Altimira: The official ship of PSO Palace, Altimira features quests created by Aleron Ives. You can read about the features Altimira offers on the PSO Palace About Altimira page.
  • Vega: The official ship of Dreamcast-Talk, Vega hosts weekly Dreamcast Live PSO meetings on Saturdays.
  • Palmacosta: Palmacosta is hosted by TulioAdriano for Portuguese-speaking players and features standard Sega quests translated into Portuguese.
  • Izoold: Izoold is used to beta test new features before they get added to the other ships and is not usually online.


Sylverant offers periodic events with two special gameplay mechanics: Battle Points and Tokens.

Players are awarded Battle Points (BP) for defeating enemies during an event. The number of BP you get depends upon the difficulty setting, the area you’re playing, the number of players in the team, and whether you land the killing blow on an enemy. If you don’t get the final blow, you are awarded an assist, instead. Kills award more BP than assists, but playing with others increases the BP you get from both, so you will earn more BP by playing in groups than by soloing. The website has a leaderboard of the top ten event participants ranked by their BP scores.

Players are also awarded tokens for playing during events. There are four token tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Tokens are often renamed to fit the theme of the current event, e.g. tokens may be named after various types of candy during a Halloween event. You will receive an in-game message every time you receive a token. For Silver, Gold, and Platinum Tokens, you will also receive an in-game message whenever one of your teammates receives a token. (Bronze Token notifications are only visible to you, in order to reduce the number of messages you receive.)

Tokens are available from all monsters in all difficulties, but higher difficulties and harder areas have better token drops. Token drop rates gradually increase over the course of an event as players get more kills and assists. Each event has global server goals for kills, assists, and boxes broken that control the token rates. Every time the server reaches a new milestone, the token drop rates will rise for everyone.

You can also influence your own personal token drop rates with augmenters. Augmenters come in several types: Level 1, 2, 3, and 4 augmenters increase the drop rates of their respective token types. K, A, and B augmenters increase your contribution to the kill, assist, and box goals, respectively. Once you use an augmenter, the effect lasts for 30 minutes. You can use additional augmenters in order to get more time, but the clock does not pause when you’re offline: if you use an augmenter and then log off for 20 minutes, you will only have 10 minutes remaining before the augmenter wears off. The effects of token augmenters are also cumulative: using Level 1 and Level 2 augmenters will boost your Bronze Token rate more than if you used the Level 1 augmenter by itself.

After the event ends, you can use your tokens to buy various items, including augmenters. Prizes typically include materials, grinders, units, monster parts, Mag Cells, Technique Disks, and Technique Amplifiers, depending on your PSO version. The top 20 event participants are also awarded additional tokens based on their leaderboard rank. Our prize list attempts to strike a balance between items that are useful (even if you haven’t reached Ultimate mode yet) without being too powerful, since distributing overpowered prizes discourages people from playing outside of events.

During an event, you have access to special event commands that let you see information about the event. The event commands include:

  • /showbp: will display your current number of Battle Points.
  • /showkills: will display your current number of kills and assists (but only in the lobby).
  • /showboxes: will display the number of boxes you’ve broken (but only in the lobby).
  • /goal: will display the total number of monsters killed within the current kill goal. When the total kills for the whole server reaches the next goal, everyone gets better token drop rates from kills.
  • /agoal: will display the total number of assists within the current assist goal. When the total assists for the whole server reaches the next goal, everyone gets better token drop rates from assists.
  • /boxgoal: will display the total number of boxes broken within the current box goal. When the total boxes broken for the whole server reaches the next goal, everyone gets better token drop rates from breaking boxes.
  • /tokens: will display how many tokens you have of each type.
  • /augs: will display how many augmenters you have of each type.
  • /active: will display the remaining time in minutes for any augmenters you’ve used.
  • /useaug[x]: will use an augmenter of the specified type x, where x can be 1, 2, 3, or 4 to use a token augmenter or K, A, or B to use a kill, assist, or box augmenter (e.g. /useaug3 or /useaugB).
  • /useaugs [types] [quantity]: will use multiple augmenters at once. The list can contain 1,2,3,4,k,a,b n to use n number of whichever augmenter types you want, e.g. /useaugs 1,2,a 3 would use three level 1, three level 2, and three assist augmenters all at once, giving you 90 minutes of augmenter time for all three augmenter types.

After an event is over, you have access to these commands during the token redemption period:

  • /tokens: will display how many tokens you have of each type.
  • /prizes: will allow you to claim any extra tokens you won based on your leaderboard rank. Since you can participate in an event on multiple PSO versions, and each version earns tokens separately, you need this command to decide which platform(s) you want to redeem your bonus tokens on.
  • /trade: will display the redemption menu for trading in your tokens.

You can also trade in your tokens using the Event Exchange quest on Altimira.

Event Participation

Event participation is optional, so that players who prefer a vanilla experience can continue to enjoy PSO normally. If you wish to participate in future events, you must enable server-side kill tracking on your Guild Card. This means that you must have registered a Sylverant account with a unique serial number and access key in order to participate. Dreamcast players who use shared serials cannot participate in events.

On Dreamcast, PC, and GameCube, use the /login [username] [password] command to log in to your Sylverant account in game, or generate a login token on the website and then use the /tlogin [username] [token] command in game. Once you’re logged in, use /trackkill to enable kill tracking. You only need to use /trackkill one time for each Guild Card number you have. The server will remember that you have enabled kill tracking for future events.

On Xbox, you must first associate your Insignia Gamer Tag with your Sylverant account. Generate a login token on the website and then use the /xblink [username] [token] command in game. Once you’re logged in, use /trackkill to enable kill tracking. You only need to use the /xblink command one time per Gamer Tag. You can use the regular /login and /tlogin commands if you ever need to log in to your account again.

To opt out of future event participation, log in to your account and use the /trackkill off command to disable kill tracking.

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