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Archive for October, 2010

A quiet month…

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Its been a bit of a quiet month on the Sylverant front. I’ve been extremely busy with classes, and honestly haven’t had much time to work on things for about the past 2 weeks. Lets see… since the last blog post with updates (all the way back at the beginning of September!), what’s been changed…

  • Fixed long game names from messing with things.
  • Fixed item drops on PSOv1, since they just plain didn’t work at all (no idea when I introduced that bug).
  • Made it so the shipgate can know what players are active on all ships as well as what lobbies they’re in.
  • Added submenu support (“US Ship List” and the like) on the login server and shipgate.
  • Added a friendlist feature to the ship server (backed by the shipgate and stored in the main database on the shipgate).
  • Added support for kicking people that aren’t on the same block as the person doing the kick, as long as that person is a global GM.
  • Added the ability to limit a game to Dreamcast only, PC only, or V1 only (V2 only is built-in to PSOv2 and already worked right on PSOPC, GC only is a given since GC users are kept separate in games anyway), based on a suggestion by TeamXlink at DCT (he suggested the Dreamcast only option, I added the rest since it was easy to do).

I expect to probably be fairly quiet in terms of updates for the next month and a half or so (due to classes and such). Just so nobody thinks I disappeared or something in that timeframe.

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