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A quiet month…

Its been a bit of a quiet month on the Sylverant front. I’ve been extremely busy with classes, and honestly haven’t had much time to work on things for about the past 2 weeks. Lets see… since the last blog post with updates (all the way back at the beginning of September!), what’s been changed…

  • Fixed long game names from messing with things.
  • Fixed item drops on PSOv1, since they just plain didn’t work at all (no idea when I introduced that bug).
  • Made it so the shipgate can know what players are active on all ships as well as what lobbies they’re in.
  • Added submenu support (“US Ship List” and the like) on the login server and shipgate.
  • Added a friendlist feature to the ship server (backed by the shipgate and stored in the main database on the shipgate).
  • Added support for kicking people that aren’t on the same block as the person doing the kick, as long as that person is a global GM.
  • Added the ability to limit a game to Dreamcast only, PC only, or V1 only (V2 only is built-in to PSOv2 and already worked right on PSOPC, GC only is a given since GC users are kept separate in games anyway), based on a suggestion by TeamXlink at DCT (he suggested the Dreamcast only option, I added the rest since it was easy to do).

I expect to probably be fairly quiet in terms of updates for the next month and a half or so (due to classes and such). Just so nobody thinks I disappeared or something in that timeframe.

6 Responses to “A quiet month…”

  1. Schinken says:

    Hey, i really appreciate your work, and find it awesome that you’ve gotten so far :D.

    I hope you read this, because i could need some help with building the files.

    I installed cygwin, and the packages (+dependences), i downloaded MySQL and extracted the sources to /usr/local.

    I was able to build MySQL without problems.

    Then I downloaded the latest SVN to /usr/local/sylverant.

    I am able to build the libsylverant, but when i try to build the login_server, it’s missing “libsylverant”:
    checking for sylverant_read_config in -lsylverant
    configure: error: libsylverant is required!

    Do i have to move any files after building libsylverant or something?


    • BlueCrab says:

      I’m glad that you appreciate Sylverant! Its quite a bit of work, but its fun to work on. 🙂 Oh, and I read pretty much every comment here — even the ones that get caught by the spam checker. 😉

      I don’t test things myself on Cygwin (I don’t run Windows on any of my development machines, or really any of them at this point), so I can’t really comment much on those types of issues. Did you do a “make install” on libsylverant? You shouldn’t have to move any files or anything after doing a “make install” on it, as everything should be put into place.

      I’m guessing MySQL installed into /usr/local as well, so the /usr/local/lib and /usr/local/include are probably already in your CFLAGS/LDFLAGS (if they aren’t, then that’s probably where your problem lies, and that’s pretty easy to fix — just run configure with appropriate CFLAGS and LDFLAGS specified on the command line as environment vars).

      That said, just wondering what your interest is in running the server (I’m always interested in what people are doing with my code, after all)?

      • Schinken says:

        Awesome, a reply :D.

        I’d like to run the server for some friends and my brother, since we all got our own PC’s we have less time to play some GameCube together, and well, we could play over the Internet with just some friends.

        Yes, i did a “make install” on libsylverant, and as far as i can see, it compiled with no errors.
        I could try that MySQL thing again, what CFLAGS/LDFLAGS to i have to set?

        As you mentioned in the “Compile Cygwin” article on GoogleCode, i used CFLAGS=-02
        for MySQL, could you tell me what else i should try?

        Thanks in advance.


        • BlueCrab says:

          Its not MySQL that you need to worry with setting flags on, but rather on login_server and all the other stuff. Try running configure like this for login_server:

          CFLAGS=”-I/usr/local/include” LDFLAGS=”-L/usr/local/lib” ./configure

          If that doesn’t work, I really don’t know what to say… I didn’t write the Cygwin compilation tutorial, as I don’t use that configuration myself.

          That said, Sylverant is not exactly the easiest of things to set up just for a few friends. This is mainly because I haven’t bothered to write any admin tools or anything of the like…

          I’d recommend that if you want to just play with a few friends, why not just get them to come here and play on the server that I run? I’ll be opening things up to Gamecube players here soon (as in, as soon as I write one really simple PHP script)…

          EDIT: Actually, if the email you’ve provided when posting is correct and you’d like me to, I’ll email you details about how you can register here with the gamecube a bit before I open it to the general public (so I can make sure it works ahead of time).

          • Schinken says:

            Wow, you’re one friendly guy :D.

            Ofcouse i’d like to register to your Server, but the main thing is, we’re not playing PSO on Gamecube, we’re playing it on PC’s (we still own it for the Gamecube though).

            So, do you plan to open it for PC’s players in the near future?
            If yes, i really would like to play on it :D, and maybe playtest it for PC players ;).

            Oh, and yes my E-Mail is correct 😉 Thank you

            I’ll post pack if your CDFLAGS/LDFLAGS thing worked ;).


          • BlueCrab says:

            Hm… for some reason WordPress doesn’t want to let me reply to that last post, so I guess I’ll just have to reply one level up…

            Anyway, sure, I can open it up for PC players too… Why not? I’ll send you along an email in just a few moments, actually…

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