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Here’s to another year of Sylverant

Welp, I’ve officially been running this joint for 7 years now, as hard as that is to believe. Which means that the Dreamcast was released in the US 17 years ago today.

Here’s to keeping the dream of playing PSO alive for many more years to come.

13 Responses to “Here’s to another year of Sylverant”

  1. redclad says:

    I am thankfull for your dedication in this project. I couldn’t play pso gc online back in the days and I was filled with joy when I heard we can play it on private servers. I even started fresh new characters since I didn’t have my old save anymore.

    • BlueCrab says:

      Glad to have you on board. 🙂

      Thanks for playing the game still after all these years. If it weren’t for people playing still, I’d have given up long ago.

  2. Kurasiu says:

    This is amazing! I started playing here just recently, it’s an awesome feeling to get online after 16 years! Your dedication and hard work is truly admirable, keep up the grand work my friend!

  3. Ryan says:

    Im a new Dreamcast broadband user.. and I want to say from the bottom of my heart… THANK YOU. I just started playing online… and it was a fantastic experience. Enough… that I bought a DC Keyboard JUST to play PSO online. 🙂

    Let’s keep the dream going for many many MANY years to come!


  4. Aleron Ives says:

    Thanks to all our users, as your continued support gives us the incentive to keep working on the server and its content. 🙂

  5. Lii says:

    This is incredible! Thank you guys so much for your dedication to this server through the years! I am ordering a Gamecube broadband adapter to come play!!!

  6. bhd1223 says:

    Reading this and the comments makes me wish I could play more.

  7. Boonz says:

    Thank you for keeping this awesome game alive. Played back then and was hooked. Later I played PSO BB but now i have my BBA and playing on my DC again.
    Cant wait for my next session . THANK YOU !

  8. Boonz says:

    Hi Boonz again since I can’t register to the forum I try it here.
    I can play my Pal Ver2 with the boot disc without problems but can’t get online with the Jap Ver2 disc. My pal disc has a lot of scratches where my jap version was sealed so I want to use the jap version but it won’t work.
    I’m using a BBA

    • BlueCrab says:

      As Aleron Ives said below, the Sylverant PSO Patcher disc should work fine with JPv2.

      You can’t just use the DNS trick with JPv2, as it (as well as USv2) has an additional check that must be patched out in order to have it even attempt to connect to the server. You’ve got to use either my patcher disc or a bunch of really annoying codebreaker codes to make it connect.

      Also, if you’re having trouble registering for the forum, what kind of trouble are you having? If it just never sent you the email for activating your account, I can do that for you manually if you just tell me what username you registered with.

  9. Aleron Ives says:

    What happens when you use the boot disc with JPv2? BlueCrab’s loader supports JPv2, so it should work, unless your JPv2 is damaged. Does the boot disc recognise that you inserted JPv2?

    • Boonz says:

      Thanks for you answers guys.
      It recognise that I inserted JPv2 but when I try to get online it says that I need to configure my BBA.
      Now I use Ives PSO Versions and Im fine 😀

      My problem with the forum was that I never got a activating email.

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