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One Year Gone

Gee, two posts in the same week, and this one is a doozy!

So, a year ago, I had said something silly to the effect of that there was only one bug preventing me from doing a public beta of the server. One year and several code revisions later, I’m finally making good on the promise of doing a public beta of the server. To celebrate the Dreamcast’s 11th “birthday” in the US, the 1st anniversary of me making Sylverant somewhat public, as well as r200 of the Sylverant SVN repository, I’ve finally opened up my server to the public.

Keep in mind, the server is still in the testing stages (so there may be bugs, including ones that could potentially cause FSODs and the like). Also if the widget on the left menu says its down, its probably actually down. You can find connection instructions from the navigation bar on the top (or by following this link). For the time being, I’m keeping things limited to PSO for the Dreamcast only (v1 US/EU and v2 EU). The other supported versions will come as I get the time to tidy up a bit of the website code that is needed to support them.

For the time being, assume that the ship Iselia is the public ship. If you see the ship Palmacosta spring up every once in a while, it is my testing ship. Things on Palmacosta probably will be much less stable than Iselia, so you should generally avoid it.

So, have fun testing things out (and hopefully help find any bugs that still exist)!

Update (September 10th):
I added Codebreaker codes for all Dreamcast versions supported for connecting to Sylverant with a Dial-Up connection (v1 EU/US and v2 EU). Let me know if there’s any issues in using them.

5 Responses to “One Year Gone”

  1. Treamcaster says:

    Congratulations on the server launch!

    I’m going to be testing v1 from now on at Iselia and possibly Vega ships. I’ll send you a PM later regarding a few aspects I want to bring up as well.

    Keep up the awesome work! DC rules, V1 still rocks with better graphics/ bugs and Slyverant is the way to go for legit gameplay! Let the greatness begin!!

    • BlueCrab says:

      Feel free to let me know when you plan on being online on Iselia, and I’ll get on as well (if I’m around and not busy with something). I always enjoy playing with other people (since most of my playing for the past year has been testing by myself).

      • Treamcaster says:

        Great, my pleasure.

        “Connection attempt failed.
        Failed to retrieve IP address from DHCP.”

        Tried with CB code & BBA.

        I’m going to get an NTSC-US v2 copy to try setting up the DNs and see what I get. However it’s odd the Code Breaker is failing since I used it yesterday do connect to another server and it worked just fine.

  2. Treamcaster says:

    Oh well, it seems I was having some network problems.
    I managed to get in. Yayz I like the ships name, let me check the info board =D

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