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Its February…

So, here’s the monthly newspost to make sure everyone knows that things are still moving along. Right now, Iselia and Altimira are both running the Valentines Day event on the ships. Not that that is terribly important to know…

Anyway, as for what’s changed since the last one of these posts, lets see (wow, the last one of these list posts was in December?!):

  • Added in full word select translation between DC, PC, and Episodes I & II.
  • Allow linking of quests to the event running on the ship.
  • Added support for .qst format quests in the ship server.
  • Added nicknames on the friendlist.
  • Initial support for multi-lingual quests on ship server.
  • Added commands: /ll, /npc, /ignore, /unignore, /quit
  • Added GM-Only commands: /stfu, /unstfu, /gameevent, /ban:d, /ban:w, /ban:m, /ban:p, /unban
  • Made it so a ship can be set to disallow versions it doesn’t want to allow, as well as making it possible to set a ship to be accessible to Global GMs only.
  • Initial support for PSO Episode III (note that you can’t actually battle yet).
  • Translation of C-Mode grave data between PSODC and PSOPC.
  • Switch from using libexpat to libxml2 for config parsing.
  • Don’t allow lower privilege users to bully higher privilege ones (privileges are checked against each other on /kill, /gban:*, and /stfu commands).
  • Various bugfixes (that I don’t necessarily remember).

Whew… That’s what I call an update list. For those counting, the last list of updates came after revision 287 to the SVN. We’re now up to revision 391. 😉

Anyway, that’s all for this month, I guess.

3 Responses to “Its February…”

  1. Baron says:

    WOOO!! Keep up the good work Blue!

  2. Aleron Ives says:

    Sylverant is on a roll. 😉

  3. K_I_R_E_E_K says:

    Yep, lot’s of updates, from me and from the dc-talk community, we thank you for all the effort in making this server a better place for all DC,PC and GC players

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