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Some News‽

It’s been a while since there’s been any news here, but all in all that’s probably a good thing. It means that things are pretty calm and running relatively smoothly (which is always a good thing). Over the past few months, I’ve not had much time for working on the server, but there have been a few changes here and there. Here’s a little list:

  • Added NOL protection code
  • Small bugfixes to server-side drops (yes, I know there are still issues on PSOGC)
  • Made the quest list show quests for all episodes on PSOGC, not just the one that the game is set to
  • Fixed the quest list icons on PSOGC
  • Added long descriptions of quests on the Download Quest menu

Thanks go to Aleron Ives for nagging me to do all of these (and for filling in the long descriptions on the download quests). 😉

Speaking of download quests, there’s been a few other interesting developments regarding them. First of all, Aleron Ives has gone ahead and added all the different language versions of the PSO+ quests that are available as download quests on PSOGC. (Thanks go out to Hayame for providing the quests from his Japanese copy of PSO+.) Also, I’ve added all the download quests I can find for PSOv1. Unfortunately, I’ve only got one language for each quest (Letter from Lionel is only in English, all the rest are Japanese-only). That said, we do finally have some PSOv1 download quests, which is a good thing, all in all. 🙂

Anyhow, that’s all I’ve got for today. I hope everyone in the US has a great Independence Day (and everyone else just has a nice day regardless of it not being a holiday). 🙂

2 Responses to “Some News‽”

  1. Nico0020 says:

    Thanks for the update. I hvent been on in a few weeks. Currently replaying shenmue 1&2 for obvious reasons.

    Any chance more work will go into serverside drops? I really wanna see alerons drop tables implemented. 15 years later and lacking much desired items haha.

    Thanks for all you work in the DC community

    • BlueCrab says:

      Aleron Ives will implement his drop table when he feels the time is right. That’s all handled on a ship-by-ship basis, so each ship’s administrator is free to do what he or she chooses in that regard. At the moment, I have bigger fish to fry than the few (really minor, IMO) things he mentioned — things like /sdrops dropping really random/incorrect things on PSOGC (and thus PSOBB as well) and Episode 2 c-mode being broken. Unfortunately, my time for coding has been pretty limited lately, so progress is quite slow in general. It also doesn’t help that I’ve been trying to work out a feature for debugging server drops that touches large amounts of the server code and make smaller changes along the way (without pushing up broken parts of that larger work).

      As for Iselia, I don’t foresee myself changing the drop tables any time soon. I might eventually change things based on server events or whatnot (something to the effect of “rare rates doubled when 10k monsters are killed during this event”, but I haven’t done any real thinking on that subject for a while). I also doubt that Vega will alter drop tables too much from Sega’s rates if/when they implement support for /sdrops.

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