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  1. Fuyutsuki - 260629
  2. ShinobiWan1 - 75531
  3. Nyte - 57807
  4. Aleron Ives - 55362
  5. Gen6Gamer - 34447
  6. Infamousrose - 31864
  7. enfilade - 28465
  8. chaoskaiser72 - 23267
  9. Martin - 19809
  10. No1Dopechampion - 18073

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Server Event: Setsubun Oni Hunt

It’s been a while since the last one… So… Time for a new event. Trade-ins for the previous event will be combined with those from this event.

Event Information:
Start Time: January 27, 2023 @ 05:00 UTC (@250)
End Time: February 10, 2023 @ 05:00 UTC (@250)

Collect fukumame to throw them at all of the different kinds of oni living on Ragol. 鬼は外! 福は内! Devils out! Fortune in!

This event is open to all versions of the game currently supported on Sylverant.

System Description:
This event combines various event mechanisms that have been used in previous events. Each enemy you kill (or help with killing) and each box you break will have a chance to drop tokens that you can use to trade in after the event for various in-game prizes. There are global counters for various in-game events that will be used as goals to provide bonuses to the token drop rates. In addition, there will be a leaderboard for the event based on collecting Battle Points (BP). Your BP will be tallied up silently as you progress through the game. BP will not be used for trading for prizes — it will only be used to determine the leaderboard statics. This event also allows the use of augmenters that you have purchased with your tokens previous events.

(Not So) Fine Print:

  • This event, like previous events, requires you to have enabled /trackkill on your account while logged in (with /login or /tlogin). It is only open to those with a registered account on the Sylverant website that have registered their serial number and access key on the site.
  • Players on PSO for Xbox will need to associate their Insignia Gamer Tag with their Sylverant account. This may be done by logging into your Sylverant Account Management page (or creating an account), generating a code for a Token-based login, then using that token on the server. You will need to replace /tlogin in the command the website gives you with /xblink for this first login to properly associate your Gamer Tag with your Sylverant account. Then you will need to run /trackkill, as normal.
  • This event tracks various statistics during your gameplay, including the number of enemies you have killed. Also, kills and various other events that happen in game may reward you with tokens. As with previous event tokens, these tokens will be used to trade for various in-game prizes after the event has ended.
  • The /trackkill command must be run on each registered guild card in your account in order to make progress on that guild card.
  • If you used the /trackkill command in the earlier events, unless you have since disabled it, you will be able to earn tokens and track your statistics.
  • Cheating of any kind (be it by way of using a cheat device such as a CodeBreaker/Action Replay or by abusing game bugs) is not permitted! Anyone caught cheating in any way is subject to being banned from the server. This event is meant to be fun for everyone, not for a small group of cheaters to run away with it! There have been people disqualified in previous events — don’t become the next one to be disqualified for cheating!
  • Statistics are tracked across all ships in the server.
  • You may use the /tokens command on a ship to see your current number of each event token.
  • You may use the /showbp command on a ship to see your current BP total.
  • The /goal command will display the current global kill count and what the next goal is for a token drop rate increase. This data will only update when you switch floors or join/leave a team.
  • The /augs command will display how many of each type of augmenter you have on your guild card.
  • The /active command will display the timer for each type of augmenter you have active currently.
  • The /useaug1, /useaug2, /useaug3, /useaug4, /useaugK, /useaugA, and /useaugB commands use level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4, K-type, A-type, and B-type augmenters, respectively.
  • The /useaugs command can be used to use multiple augmenters at once. To use it, specify a comma-separated list of types of augmenters to use (1,2,3,4,k,b,a) optionally followed by a space and a count of each to use (from 1-9). For instance, to use one of each of the K, B, and A types, you can use “/useaugs k,a,b” (without the quotes, of course). To use two of each of the numbered types, you can do “/useaugs 4,2,1,3 2” (ordering doesn’t matter for the comma-separated part). Like the other /useaug commands, this command may only be used in a team.
  • Each of the numbered levels of augmenters has the effect of boosting token drop rates for 30 minutes. Using multiple of the same augmenter will add more time onto this timer. The timer runs whether or not you are logged in — so if you log in, use two of an augmenter and then log out, your augmenters will still expire 60 minutes later.
  • Using multiple different levels of augmenters has a synergistic effect on drop rates.
  • The K-type, A-type, and B-type augmenters boost the amounts of statistics counted by the event. The effects can be helpful in working toward server-wide goals.
  • Token drop rates may be adjusted as the event goes on. Also, there may be various announced and unannounced incentives for playing at different times during the event period.
  • Logging on with multiple clients at the same time to try to increase your token drop rate or kill counter will be severely penalized.

8 Responses to “Server Event: Setsubun Oni Hunt”

  1. legit nyck says:

    Users from pso Pc Are allowed to participate in the server event?

    • BlueCrab says:

      Of course they are. As it says up there, all versions supported on the server are able to participate.

      • legit nyck says:

        I didn’t know that, in reality I thought only players with their original licenses could participate, I’m currently playing on an emulator and can I use the shared licenses is that it? Thanks for taking some of your time to clear this up.

        • BlueCrab says:

          For console versions that have a serial/access key, you need a key from the game to play in the events. Shared Dreamcast keys will not work since you cannot register them to your account.

          The PC version is a different beast entirely, as is the Xbox version.

          • legit nyck says:

            I understand thanks for making this clear, I won’t risk being banned from the server just because of an event hahaha one day I’ll still buy my pso V2 from a friend called Scrivani DC on that day my problems will be over, congratulations on the Server event.

  2. Aniki says:

    Hi =D. Now that the event is over, i was wondering…where can i redeem the rewards? Btw, this was my first event and i have to say i enjoyed so much. Great work =D

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