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Another almost 2 months with no update…

Life/work has been keeping me rather busy the past few weeks, so unfortunately not much has gone on with Sylverant. I did get a few minutes to work on some stuff, and added in a /warpall command to the server (GM-only).

At this point, there’s really not all that much left that I wanted to get implemented before opening up to a more public test. Hopefully some of that stuff will get implemented in the next few weeks…

6 Responses to “Another almost 2 months with no update…”

  1. Brandon Jones says:

    Just wanted to say keep up the good work and if there’s any way I can help let me know. I only know c# and a bit of java programming but I wouldn’t mind picking up a new language if it would help you out.

    • BlueCrab says:

      While I don’t have particularly anything that I need help with at the moment, if you’d like, feel free to check out the code and play around with it. Everything is up at the Google Code project including the new stuff regarding IP bans (stuff I wrote today).

      That’s the joy of doing this in an Open-Source project, anyone can play around with it and learn from it.

  2. Brandon Jones says:

    Alright I’ll have to take a look a it this weekend when I’m done with my cert studies.

  3. K_I_R_E_E_K says:

    Very nice indeed, i can’t wait to see the final result.
    Keep up the good work, maybe i’ll check the code later.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It was yust about time for a open source *nix pso server . May I ask if you could create a whislist page or a small bbs ? I think sourceforge have it, but I cannot find it on the google code hosting.

    My whishlist

    RRD like graphs for Playercount/Servercount for Ship/Shipgate uptime etc maybe add snmp plugin so we could retrieve this informations of of the server

    Database suport for postgre and mysql (login server accounts and shipserver stats and players)

    webform account creation support (see database support)

    Global quest support for third party servers not in control of this website (Update from main server) not like schhtak, where not all ships are updated. forced updates for ships connected to main shipgate? with ssl support please 🙂

  5. BlueCrab says:

    When the server is opened to the public, there will be a forum for it. That’s already in the works. As for the rest of your list of items:
    Activity Graphs: I’m not sure about this, but I might look into it. It’d be interesting to see statistics anyway.
    PosgreSQL and MySQL support: Well, right now, there’s only MySQL support in the code, but I tried to keep it abstracted enough that it could be made to support other databases fairly easily. If there’s enough demand for it at some point, I might.
    Webform-based account creation: That is already done, just not public yet. 😉
    Quest pushing to ships: Something that I was considering doing, but not particularly high on my priority list. Also, all communications between the shipgate and ships are encrypted already.

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