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New account management pages are now live

So, some of you might know how much I’ve complained in the past about PHP and the account management (key registration, etc) stuff that I wrote in it for the Sylverant website. A while back, you might remember that I switched the ship status display over to being done in Python rather than in PHP. Well, when I started that little project, I also decided to rewrite all the rest of the account management stuff in Python as well. Now, several months later, I’ve finally gotten around to finishing all that up and pushing it out live to the website.

The new URL for the account management stuff is, rather than the old . For the time being, both will be available, but at some point in the fairly near future, the old account management page will be taken down entirely. If you have any links/bookmarks on websites pointing to the old pages, please update them (I think I got all the links on this site, so if you see one that’s still pointing to the old stuff, let me know). Also, if you find any problems in the new account system, let me know.

6 Responses to “New account management pages are now live”

  1. TolerantX says:

    im new here and was wondering about getting serial and codes for the dreamcast versions of the game that will connect to your server. i heard you can help and i cant find emails or anything to contact about this.

    • BlueCrab says:

      Just to cover all my bases here (and so nobody thinks I’m a heartless person that doesn’t reply to people looking to play on Sylverant), I replied to this question elsewhere. 😉

    • K_I_R_E_E_K says:

      A SN/AK is available in your game case, next to the instruction manual there should be a pale paper with that info, if you do not have it then you can either get one from the web (some websites have a list of them) or you can go to sylverant account link on the top, create or enter in your account and then manage the serials, in the dc section you should see 2 options, either you register your serial or you generate one to be used on the server, just remember to keep the info safe as creating a char with a serial will bind it to that serial, if you happen to change dreamcasts and the dreamcast doesn’t have a PSO SNAK, then it will ask one to unlock both the game and the save you are using, if you forget this info and you place a random SNAK to make the game work, the save will lock and you will be unable to use it.

  2. Aleron Ives says:

    It isn’t possible to generate new keys for the Dreamcast version in the account management section; that only works for the PC version. If you have DC, you either need the unique serials from your retail case, or you need a shared serial (in which case you can’t register it).

  3. bottmint says:

    Also, if you’re wanting to go the unique key route, you can find a new unopened version of PSO on ebay for pretty cheap.

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